Friday, July 15, 2011

Featured! (and prints I've been working on)

A really terrific blog featured my shop in a massive giveaway.  And I'm glad, not only because any publicity for the shop is welcome, but because I've fallen in love with the blog that featured me.  To enter the giveaway (you can win one of my prints or some other really amazing items) click HERE. You can enter until July 20. Thanks Susannah!

And, some prints:

These two are custom prints for my friend, Candida's, nursery:

And another custom print for my friend, Jamie.  Hoping to inspire her two little girls :)  Anybody have a heartwarming quote for brothers? My boys need a little inspiration, too! :

So, check out my shop, spread the word, and if you would like custom work, I'm more than happy to oblige!


Sabrina O'Malley said...

You are so talented! I also wanted to tell you that depending on the condition of your hard drive you can probably save your files including your pictures. We bought a device for about $30 that allows you to put things from one hard drive onto another. We used it on CG's laptop and our home computer. Hopefully you can save your pictures. :)

Heather - said...

Thanks Sabrina, I will have to look into that! I'm usually pretty good at dumping things to my external hard drive, but for some reason, that file of pictures got skipped :(