Thursday, July 14, 2011

Summer So Far, Photo Overload, Etc., Etc.

I had the best of intentions to post all of our summer they happened.  Then my computer crashed.  Ug.  But let me tell you, that computer was trying to die from the moment I bought it.  I guess it finally got its wish, and I finally got a new computer (thanks to my rad brother who BUILT me a new one).  But by the time I I got my new computer, I was so backlogged on posts that I was overwhelmed, and I kept putting it off, and neglected my poor, poor blog.  Today though, I am biting the bullet and I'm going to try to catch up...all in one post.  Are you with me?!

Summer school is going strong...though my ability to document it in photos is lacking :)

In science class, we've learned all about reflection and refraction, water molecules, sound waves, carbon dioxide, and centrifugal force and centripetal force.  Awesome.  My kids are now bursting with knowledge :)

In cooking class, we've covered various different kinds of cakes, and how to make rolls.  Yum! My kids love to cook, and I must say that they've become handy little kitchen helpers.

For art class, we've covered Degas, Georgia O'Keefe, Alberto Giacometti, and Picasso.

Ethan turned 5:
These are the rockin' cookie monster cupcakes that I made. (please excuse the bad pictures.  Ethan's birthday pictures were sadly lost in the computer crash :(  I stole these two off of my facebook page, but the quality is less than ideal)

Money for a gift is always a huge hit!

Matthew turned 7 and I threw him a chef birthday party.  Sewing 15 chef hats and aprons nearly sucked the life out of me, but the party was a lot of fun, and made all the work totally worth it.  We made pizzas, fruit sushi, and shirley temples.

We had a great, laid back Fourth of July.  We went to our town's parade, I made apple pies (totally American, right?) we had a barbecue with family, and then went to see our town's fireworks display. The weather was PERFECT.  In fact, the weather all summer has been absolutely wonderful.  

So excited for our town's parade.

Phew.  All done.  Kudos to you if you made it to the end :)


Randi said...

I may've told you this already but I ADORE those Cookie Monster cupcakes!!!

Kristen Mackrory said...

You are such a great mom! I'm impressed! I love the cupcakes and your embroidered bag! You are talented.