Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentine Pouches

Over the weekend, I found a really cute tutorial over on MADE. I changed it up a little since I don't have a serger. Instead, I used some fusible web to bond two pieces of fabric together (a cotton muslin and a cotton print). Using the fusible web helps minimize fraying, plus it also allows for a fun lining :)
After sewing the pouches, I used pinking shears to pink the edges.

I filled them with smarties and Phineas and Ferb fruit snacks.

And the most awesome dinosaurs ever that I found at the dollar store. We live in a tiny town, but it has a dollar store, and it totally rocks :)
The pouches were a huge hit, and after the candy is gone, they can be used tote around treasures. Sweet.


Kimberlee said...

You found those at the dollar store!? My boy would obsessive with those. What dollar store?

Unknown said...

So cute! Very creative... (Thanks for following my blog, btw... following you back.)