Saturday, January 8, 2011

Favorite Things: I heart Coconut Edition

It took me awhile to notice it, but I LOVE coconut. Sometime last year, I started thinking about some of the products and foods that I love, and a lot of them have one thing in common: coconut. I think part of it may be that coconut reminds me of the summer we spent in Laie :)
Here's my list of coconut inspired favorites:

1) Coconut Shrimp

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I have loved shrimp since the first time I had it as a little girl. My mom and my aunt took me out for a fun dinner in San Francisco when I was about five. While trying to decide what to order, I saw a waiter carrying a plate of what looked like tiny fried drumsticks. I pointed to it, and told my mom I wanted the "tiny fried chickens". She explained that it was really shrimp, but let me order it anyways. I took one bite, and I've been a sucker for shrimp ever since. I love shrimp in all it's forms, but coconut shrimp is my favorite. Try the recipe HERE. You can substitute club soda or coconut milk for the beer. Also, you can add seasonings to the flour such as salt, garlic powder, red pepper flakes, pepper, etc.

2) Hawaiian Tropic Sunscreen

Effective, and smells good enough to eat. Not gonna lie, been tempted to use it as perfume :)

3) Choxie Coconut Truffle Bar

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Dark chocolate coating with a smooth white chocolate, coconut, and almond filling. Really, really indulgent, but so good. You can find it at Target.

4) Coconut Oil

My dry winter Utah skin loves coconut oil. I slather it on after I shower, and my parched skin drinks it up. It smells wonderful, and my skin loves it. You can buy a tub of it at the health food store for about $6.

5) Pina Colada (non-alcoholic)
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I love the flavors so much, I developed my own recipe last winter. Here it is:

Pineapple Sherbet
Pineapple Juice - 1 large can
Coconut Milk - 1 can
Coconut Extract
Maraschino Cherry
Whipped Cream

A few hours before making, or the day before, freeze a tray of pineapple juice cubes in the freezer.
In a blender, combine the tray of frozen pineapple cubes, two large scoops of pineapple sherbet, 1 can of coconut milk, and 2 tsp. of coconut extract. Blend in the blender until blended (hehe, that's a funny sentence). Top with whipped cream and a maraschino cherry.

Sometimes, if I want it really coconutty, I'll add more extract. Just play around with it, and see what works for you.



Jackie said...

Sounds YUMMY! I've wanted coconut shrimp since I had it when we were in Hawaii!

Candida Marie said...

you are hilarious! love the comment about using sunscreen for perfume!

so glad you are up and running again.