Sunday, January 16, 2011

Natalie's Room Inspiration Board

Picking out pretty things to create a room is really, really fun. And someday, maybe Natalie's room will look a little something like her inspiration board :)

For girls, I love white rooms with white beds, bedding, and window treatments. I think it looks, airy, crisp, and fresh. With a blank canvas, it's fun and easy to add vibrant pops of color with accessories and decorations.

I love the bright, cheerful fabric. I would use it to make colorful throw pillows, and a patchwork quilt - it would look great folded and place over the coverlet at the foot of the bed.

To keep the room from looking too grown up, Natalie has a collection of stuffed animals and dolls, and I plan on turning her apple green crib into a funky reading bench.

It's a room that I think can work for a little girl, but grow with her as well.

Shopping info starting with top left:

Curtains: alvine rund - ikea
Pendant Lamp: maskros - ikea
Quilted White Coverlet and Shams: matelasse coventry - Bed, Bath, and Beyond
White Iron Bed: allie iron bed - pottery barn kids
Fabric swatches (all can be found at Quilt Home - my favorite online fabric store):
  • persimmon - ty pennington impressions
  • sanctuary - patty young
  • trees - marshmallow pistachio - momo
  • egg dots - raspberry - momo
  • coral rose - fig tree quilts
  • bijoux - heather bailey
  • gypsy bandana - pillow and maxfield
"Monet's Poppy Field" - Jan Blencowe
"Lehi's Dream-House of the World" - Minerva Teichert
I Am a Child of God Print - Lemon Dropp
Salt Lake Temple Back Door - nlaytonphotography (etsy)


Fowler family said...

I love white bedding too. I have whites on all our beds in the house- even the kids. I was afraid I was being boring, but glad to hear someone else likes it too :)

I love how clean and fresh it looks.

Such pretty stylin!

Heather - said...

yay for white bedding!! I don't think it's boring at all. I think it's a great way to use bold color and patterns (through accessories)without being too overpowering.