Sunday, January 30, 2011

Service Sunday : Art For Molly

This sweet baby is Molly Campbell. On Christmas Eve, she was running a fever, so her mom took her to the ER. Several hours later, after many tests, her family's world was turned upside down when she was diagnosed with leukemia - at only 28 days old. To receive the best care possible, Molly was transferred to a better hospital in a city far away from their home. They made the difficult decision to move their family to where Molly is so that they could be together as much as possible, but since Molly has four siblings under the age of seven, they aren't able to live at the Ronald McDonald house. Housing costs and medical bills have become astronomical. In an effort to help offset some of these costs, friends and family have set up a trust fund for Molly. You can read more about her story and donate HERE. They have also opened an etsy shop to benefit Molly that you can visit HERE. If you want to donate something to sell in the shop, instruction can be found HERE.
I can't even imagine what this family must be going through. Worrying about the health of your baby would be difficult enough, but worrying about the financial burden makes it even more crushing.
I've donated one of my "Counting Robots" prints to her shop. Even if you can only do a little to help, I urge you to do so :)

Happy Sunday!

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Kelli said...

This is heart-breaking. Thank you for sharing. My prayers are with their family.