Friday, October 22, 2010

Favorite Things Friday

So, obviously the whole get-the-tutorial-done-for-the-needlebook thing didn't happen :( I've been battling a nasty cold...I've basically been eating soup and lounging in my sweats all week. But, on the bright side, my non-crafting means that I spent more time on the internet, and have some cool things to share. We celebrate the small things here at A Lemon Dropp Life ;)

This dining table from Restoration Hardware is gorgeous. I love the simple lines, and the turned legs. I love the aged patina it has, I love that it's made from solid wood, and I love how it's rustic, yet elegant. You can find it HERE. James and I had to get rid of our dining table when we moved a few months ago. All our earthly possessions had to fit into a 10x10 storage unit, and our table didn't make the cut. Don't feel too bad for us, though. It had seen 5 years of hard, hard (ab)use and it needed some help. If we had decided to keep it, we would have had to re-finish it, and we weren't sure we were up to that. So, getting rid of it meant that we could buy a table that we really loved later on. Since we have four kids (three of them boys), we need a table that can stand up to a lot of *loving*. So a table that is solid, weathered, distressed, and already perfectly imperfect is really appealing. I don't want to freak out about every ding, scratch, and stain. The only thing that gives me pause about this table though, is the fact that it's unsealed. Don't get me wrong, I love the look of it, but I worry about spills on a table like this. A few blemishes don't bother me, but I don't want it took like a mess, either. I've done some research, and I guess steel wool can work wonders on unsealed wood, that and Murphy's Soap, but I'm still a little nervous. It will take some thought for sure :)

How about this linen quilt? Lovely, right? It's also from Restoration Hardware. You can find it HERE. I've been searching for a long time for bedding that both James and I could dig. This quilt is a good blend of masculine and feminine, and we both really like it. Another picture of it can be found HERE.

This is one of my favorite paintings. It's called "My Presence Shall Be There" by artist Sandra Rast. It has all of my favorite things:
The Salt Lake Temple (where James and I were sealed)
Spring in Utah
Umbrellas (yeah, I have a fetish for umbrellas)
Symbolism (you can read about it HERE)
Bright, yet balanced colors

I've had my eye on this painting for a long, long time. Hopefully it's still around when I've saved all my pennies for it :)

Lastly, a catalog came in the mail today filled with Christmas decor. Surprisingly, I found three things that I would totally buy. I couldn't save the pictures, but you can find them HERE, HERE, and HERE.

Opinions are always welcome, especially your thoughts on an unsealed dining table.
Happy Friday!!


Jackie said...

I've always liked that painting of the Salt Lake Temple, too! The table is beautiful, but I would try to find a sealed one that looked "unsealed". If something stained it deep in the grain you would never get it out! It would be more hassle keeping it totally clean so things wouldn't stain it. Just my thoughts!

lacy said...

Just so you know...I adore this blog! Also, I love that table. But, I'm with Jackie on this one. Sorry. As Brandon and I often say in our house "We'll have nice things when our kids are gone!"

Cynthia Hatch said...

Love the picture!